Crypto Marketing and PR

Crypto Marketing and PR – Why do you need a consultant agency?

Crypto Marketing and & PR for a Crypto or Blockchain startup or an already established project, your challenges are not only of technical nature – you need to be aware of the commercial side of your business. Your crypto product or service, regardless of how great it is, has to compete with thousands of other projects in order to be successful. Your potential investors, partners, and project stakeholders need to find you, know you, get educated about your solution, learn to trust you, and ultimately become your biggest asset.

This is why every crypto or blockchain project needs a well-established PR strategy that is executed to perfection to ensure the word gets out and people start to notice you as a relevant force in the market. You have to explore all marketing and PR channels to identify which will benefit your project the most and how you can get the best ROI out of them. This is where CryptoTT can help you.

Crypto Marketing & PR Agency Strategies

We offer a team of experienced and talented IT and Crypto veterans who are more than capable of crafting a unique crypto marketing & PR strategy for your project and business. Leveraging our resources and relationships in the industry, CryptoTT is effectively positioned to meet and exceed your business objectives and milestones.

Mission & Objectives

Before going to the drawing board, our crypto experts offer you a free 15-minute online consultation to discuss the vision you have for your crypto project. In this meeting, we gather all the relevant information required to identify primary and secondary goals and milestones. Having a clear picture of your project’s objectives gives us an enhanced view of how your crypto marketing & PR strategy would look like.

Target Audience

Depending on the first session, our crypto project experts are able to tell who your target audience is. We can identify the profile, preferences, behaviors of your audience, which allows us to create an effective PR spearhead that directly speaks to the emotions and feelings of that demographic. The process of identifying the target audience is vital since it leads to improved conversion rates and long term holders.

Influence Channels

All the information from our analysis is used to evaluate a diverse variety of online channels, groups, mediums, and mechanisms that will be used to influence the target audience. Based on your project’s demographic, every channel can be considered, from social media to messagins applications and online boards, depending on the cost/benefit. The highest ROI yielding choices are selected.

Crypto Marketing & PR Strategy

Once everything is collected and analyzed we establish a cohesive Crypto marketing & PR campaign focused on your business vision and objectives. Our professionals go through every detail to guarantee the timing and execution of every step are planned to perfection with the highest chance of success. Then and only then the marketing and PR campaign is put into action.

Crypto Marketing and & PR strategy optimisation

A highly successful marketing & PR campaign needs to be constantly adjusted and optimised with a hands-on approach in its early stages. That’s why it is important for a crypto project or startup to keep tweaking their marketing & PR strategy to fix any weaknesses or loopholes it might have. The goal is to reach the point where your crypto PR strategy starts working for your project instead of you working for it.

CryptoTT will look after your commercial viability, business success, and long term growth. An overwhelming majority of crypto projects and startups are great at coding and developing their project technically but fail to meet the demands of the market when it comes to marketing and public relations. You need someone at the helm of your PR affairs all the time.

What do we do exactly to help you become Superior?

Leading Crypto marketing & PR agencies use a wide range of marketing tools to attract investors, users, and stakeholders as well as establish brand awareness. It is crucial to establish a base that you can capitalize on not only in the short term but with care and passion for long term holders, followers, and even fanatics that will keep supporting you later. This allows you to create a brand name in the market and establish the trust people need to invest in your solution Some of the popular tools used are:

  • Localization – This involves translating all the content and resources related to the crypto project, services, and support channels in the most widely used languages so users from targeted countries have a better understanding of your brand and product. This way your project can attract more investors and users from countries with a large active crypto base, as it gives you much greater visibility and exposure. CryptoTT constantly follows and analyses geographical and geopolitical data to determine which projects would benefit from global exposure.
  • Media Outreach – This includes leveraging relationships with different media partners to spread the word about the up and coming crypto project and introduce it within the blockchain circles. From large players like Cointelegraph to smaller, private, underground news outlets, CryptoTT has you covered.
  • Press Releases – A campaign is run to continuously talk about different updates and developments to keep your crypto project in the news cycle and your audience constantly updated. This way a wide range of blockchain outlets can pick it up and spread the news further. From Medium articles to blog posts and telegram announcements, this ensures you remain relevant and have a consistent outreach.
  • Promo Video Creation – One of the most effective tools that work extremely well in terms of educating users and investors is videos. As a visual species, humans find videos more engaging, more memorable, and more popular than any other type of content out there. We can create high-quality video clips to introduce your project and explain different aspects and features in detail without the complicated jargon of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. (Cisco)
  • Marketing and PR Tracking & Reporting – All of the marketing & PR endeavors are tracked to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. This helps make informed decisions and optimize strategies.
  • SEO and PPC optimisation – With more than 10 years of experience in IT and SaaS CryptoTT can give you the best of already established power tools, insight, knowledge and experience in order to ensure superior Search Engine Optimisation as well as extremely successful PPC campaigns (depending on the nature of your project).
  • Affiliate management – We will not only put your information out there, but we will also make sure that by the end of our campaign you have an army of faithful partners that constantly drive traffic, leads and new investors to you for the best prices on the market. Partnerships are our bread and butter.
  • Influencers – CryptoTT has personal relationships with the industry’s most respected influencers. We can use our connections with these individuals and groups to help expand the reach of your crypto brand and get people talking about you. Mind that there are opinions that money can not buy, when CryptoTT vouches for you – you will open doors that stay forever closed to many.
  • Black PR and FUD mitigation – We have all seen hundreds of well thought out projects that were set out to change the world and were brought down by coordinated black PR and FUD attacks. The good old DDOS that plagued websites is now replaced by armies of trolls or misled fanatics that will swamp your social media channels, Telegram and Discord groups and will drive your liquidity to 0. CryptoTT can provide the best measures for avoiding such outcomes as well as quick and efficient mitigation with the least impact, should one of these events take you by surprise.

CryptoTT – Superior Marketing & PR

We come with experience. We have grown with the creation of the internet, created our first websites 15 years ago, have lived through the birth and expansion of Blockchain. We were there when the connection to the web was done through dial-up and we were there when it was hard and laughable to get your hands on those first Bitcoins. We entered the DeFi space before Uniswap was ever created and now we take everything we know and want to give it back to all those amazing minds flooding the gates of untapped potential and opportunity. When it comes to creating and running a crypto or blockchain business, the technical part is only one of your biggest challenges. We can also help you with all the rest. The end goal? Superior ROI for your entire project.

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