CryptoTT BTC Free Update 13.08

CryptoTT BTC Free Update 13.08.

CryptoTT BTC Free Update 13.08 – $YAM failure pushed BTC down from that area and BTC retraced, to the weekly open (11,000-11100$), which is now acting, as a great support. All the panic sells got absorbed and bought back up.

CryptoTT BTC Free Update 13.08

However, a breakdown + daily candle close beneath 11000$ would likely result in an extended correction towards ~10,500$. This would put a lot of fear to the market but it wouldn’t change our long term trend, as that would still be considered as a healthy retracement.

CryptoTT BTC Free Update 13.08

On the other hand, a daily close above 12k would be very bullish. This would confirm our next leg up, towards 13-14k. We are currently in a squeeze which you should definately keep your eye on.

In general, CryptoTT is still quite bullish on BTC in the long run and we have a portfolio diversification strategy, so we are able to make from the next big moves the absolute maximum.

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