CryptoTT Market Roundup 13.08. BTC ETH DeFI Tokens

CryptoTT Market Roundup 13.08.

CryptoTT Market Roundup 13.08. – The Blockchain, Crypto and DeFi markets are more interesting than ever. Follow our daily updates, make sure to join Bitcoin Trinidad and Tobago, the best group in the Caribbean and follow the updates of the one and only Amando Dwayne Santana. 

BTC – CryptoTT Market Roundup 13.08.

The transaction volume in the previous session, even though it was quite high, did not manage to exceed its average level. The latter is also showing signs of decline, due to this period of consolidation after a large increase.

As for technical indicators, both the MACD and WaveTrend remain negative on a daily horizon. In 4 hours, the WaveTrend is still positive and the MACD seems close to a bullish cross.

This lack of convergence between the different timeframes is a perfect illustration of the uncertain situation we find ourselves in. Indeed, BTC has neither lost its support level at the bottom of the range, nor broken it from the top.

We would advise caution in the short term, especially for scalping, and would still stick to our long term prognosis of a bull run extending all the way through 2021. 

ETH – CryptoTT Market Roundup 13.08.

Still consolidating between 400/350$.

We’re remaining 100% bullish.

Remember that the 400$ level was only crossed once in the entire #ETH history (2017 bullrun), the importance & resistance of this level is major. Which brings us to our next subject. 

DeFi Tokens – CryptoTT Market Roundup 13.08.

We updated you yesterday that the signals given for the top 5 DeFi tokens had gains over 160%. Yesterday was the exact perfect moment to take profits. 

Most of the gains were due to YAM, a project which unfortunately was found to have flaws, and lost it’s governance status. Still, we will be looking closely at YAM 2.0, as it seems that both the community and new users love the idea. So keep your eyes open. It might be dead, but it’s not dead yet.

The gains since our signals for buying and selling stand as strong as ever. We would still recommend you to key a close eye on the following tokens:

Maker (MKR) – 8.29% up for the last 24 hours

Compound (COMP) – 2.93% up for the last 24 hours

Synthetix (SNX) – 8.46% up for the last 24 hours

Aave (LEND) – 0.45% up for the last 24 hours

Ampleforth (AMPL) – 6.08% down up for the last 24 hours – wait for at least 15%


According to recent data shared by Glassnode, the Gini coefficient for LINK has surged to a new all-time high, along with metrics involving LINK transactions.

Meanwhile, Whale Alert has detected several LINK transfers from whales, totaling more than 1 mln LINK, or around $18,000,000.

In summary: ChainLink (LINK) has continued on its upward trajectory posting a new ATH of $15.99. In the process, LINK has edged out Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from the number 5 spot.  At this rate, LINK could be gunning for Tether or even XRP.  

ChainLink (LINK) has once again done what it has continued to do by setting a new all-time high of $15.99 – Binance rate.

Bonus Round 

We are also keeping an eye on Band Protocol (BAND) and DaoStack (GEN). To understand why, book a consultation session with one of CryptoTT professionals now.