Important Announcement

CryptoTT recognizes and realizes that the following information that was published previously on our website and our social media on the post entitled “CryptoTT-One Step closer to Bitcoin ATM deployment in Trinidad,” namely:

a.                   “Crypto Training Technologies is the first FinTech company to enlist in the newly created Innovation Hub, governed by the Trinidad and Tobago central bank – an initiative aimed at the safe growth of Fintech in the country”

 b.               “CryptoTT has received a nod from the Central Bank with the final requirements and are in the process of verifying all the legislative and technical information regarding the flow and operations of the upcoming ATM network.”

c.              “The Financial Intelligence Unit of Trinidad and Tobago’s Internal Fintech Steering Committee has considered the submission of CryptoTT for information relative to the operation of a Bitcoin ATM.”

d.                CryptoTT “will be working closely with the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission’s regulatory oversight of the Securities Industry in Trinidad and Tobago to continue to meet and exceed all needed criteria.”

e.           “Before the holidays we worked hard to make a clear and concise case for the bank and regulators to allow us to be the first to offer the safest way of obtaining cryptocurrency in TT. We are glad to announce that the first step of the process is now completed and we are closer to deploying the ATMs.”

      was incorrect and CryptoTT apologizes for any misleading impressions that may have been made with respect to the previously published statements.