Mining Consultancy

Unlike traditional cloud mining companies where you lease hash rate on annual contracts, with our Mining Farms you own the hardware outright and your monthly fee covers electrical costs, network, support, insurance, and warranty.

Our focus is providing large financial institutional clients, private investors, and individual clients with a user friendly approach to crypto-currency mining solutions.

Trinidad and Tobago benefits from the oil and gas reserves that the country holds, permitting it to subsidize electricity. As you noted, the price of 0.03 /kW is an incredible incentive. Operating fees and maintenance staff salaries are also lower than the average, meaning that security and technical staff such as support and electricians and also cheaper. Regulations have not taken over TnT yet, which means you not only have more freedom to operate but also pay no taxes on your mining initiative.

Working with CryptoTT also gives you the benefit of having a company that has already operated in TnT for more than a year and a half and would ensure that the process is smooth and reliable. As an established name within the Caribbean CryptoTT can also offer you the opportunity to sell the BTC mined at preferential prices through our network of providers and local exchanges, meaning that you would benefit from a larger profit margin if you choose the sell your mined BTC through CryptoTT and its affiliates.