What is DeFi

DeFi, DEX, Decentralised Financing; are the markets bullish and how can you get in on Uniswap tips

Building a Portfolio

DeFi takes the fact that passive income from the safety of your home has long been considered a myth. Money doesn’t grow on trees and nobody will give it to you for free. The same applies to cryptocurrency and blockchain. While these concepts revolutionize the way we perceive financing, it takes hours of research, hard work, constant monitoring and keeping your eyes on all media and social channels in order to properly navigate through gains and losses, while maintaining impeccable risk management.

Years of experience, learning from bull, bear and pandemic markets, CryptoTT has emerged with >90% accuracy rates with our Weekly Pro Bulletin. We have done all the heavy lifting, so you may enjoy passive incomes from the safety of your home. All you need to know now, to access gains and even multiply your main earnings, is – who can you trust to manage your portfolio. 

First, let’s start with what a portfolio is: 

A portfolio is a grouping of financial assets such as coins and tokens. Portfolios are managed by financial professionals and crypto managers. 

A portfolio with CryptoTT gives you access to Bitcoin insights with over 90% accuracy and the ever rising in popularity Decentralised Exchanges, or DEX, which some consider to be the main reason why there is a revival of crypto and a new bull market happening right now, with BTC showing >25% in gains, while Etherium is boasting a mighty >35% increase. 

Decentralised Financing Explained

DeFi is fulfilling the promise of Blockchain for Decentralised Financing. It is what crypto iusers can unite behind, since DeFi At the moment, decentralised exchanges are all based on the ETH (Etherium) blockchain. The assets which are native to the ETH blockchain are called Tokens. Decentralised exchanges, such as Uniswap, allow you to easily buy and sell tokens, which can yield daily gains, if selected and managed properly. 

Since we at CryptoTT value the community above alI – teaching you everything Blockchain, that you would ever need in order to properly manage and oversee your assets. We want to share a special opportunity with you. You might have heard the buzz about decentralised financing and decentralised changes, also known as DeFi and DEX

DeFi Uniswap Explained

The most popular decentralised exchange at the moment is Uniswap. Uniswap is an exchange protocol that allows users to trustlessly swap ERC20 tokens. Instead of using the traditional order book model, Uniswap pools tokens into smart contracts and users trade against these liquidity pools. Anyone can swap tokens, add tokens to a pool to earn fees, or list a token on Uniswap.

Uniswap is unique in that it doesn’t use an order book to derive the price of an asset. In a centralized exchange the price listed on the exchange is determined by where the highest price someone is willing to pay and the lowest price someone is willing to sell meet. Uniswap uses the Exchange contracts to pool both Ether and an ERC20. When trading Ether for a token, Ether is sent to the contract’s pool and the token is given back to you. As a user, you don’t need to wait for a counterparty in order to exchange or worry about specifying a price. 

The amount that is returned from swapping is based on an automated market maker formula. No matter the size of a swap, the user is guaranteed to have their trade executed.


When an Exchange contract is first created for a token, both the token and Ether pools are empty. The first user that deposits into the contract is the one that determines the ratio between the token and Ether. If they deposit a ratio that is different from what the current market rate is, then an arbitrage opportunity is available. 

If you want to become a liquidity provider by adding to an established pool, they should add a proportional amount of token and Ether to the pool. If you don’t, the liquidity you added is at risk of being arbitraged as well.

In addition, larger liquidity pools are beneficial to users because they allow for larger swaps to happen without skewing the token to ETH ratio too far. Uniswap incentives users to add liquidity to pools by rewarding providers with fees that are collected by the protocol. A 0.3% fee is taken for swapping between Ether and a token and roughly a 0.6% is token to token swaps.

Special ERC20 tokens known as liquidity tokens are minted to the provider’s address in proportion to how much liquidity they have contributed. 

The tokens are burned when the user wants to receive the liquidity they contributed plus the fees that we accumulated while their liquidity was locked.

Ampleforth – AMPL

We have handpicked a token for you, which is currently down and we believe is a good opportunity if you hold on to it. Disclaimer: Please note that this is not financial advice, it is a token review and an example, used in this guide, on how to purchase a token on Uniswap. Always do your own due diligence and research when commiting to a coin or a token.

We will guide you through the steps of acquiring Etherium, creating the easiest to use wallet you have ever seen, which will securely store all of your coins and tokens and using Uniswap, a decentralised exchange, to get the token and start earning from it. 

Step 1 is to convert your TT into Ethereum, you can do that easily from https://exchange.cryptott.com or by contacting us on our CryptoTT Facebook page

Step 2: Once you have the ETH, you need to install MetaMask as a plugin to your Chrome browser or Trust Wallet on your Android device. 

Step 3: Once you have them installed you navigate to Uniswap and search for the token Ampleforth. AMPL. We strongly suggest that you purchase only when it is between 1.70 and 1.80 $ to maximise gains. 

Step 3.5: If you are new to DeFi and Uniswap, there is one more tip that will save you hours of research, when you purchase a new token with Uniswap, you need to approve it once. So only you swap ETH for AMPL, make sure to switch back the pair and swap it back, which will show the approved option, and will allow you to get gains on your added faster than the rest of the holders. 

Personal Coaching at CryptoTT

If you need help through the steps you can book a 2 hour personal coaching session for 1ETH. CryptoTT offers individual, one-on-one coaching. These private sessions can cover anything from doing your first trade, to managing your corporate transactions entirely through Blockchain, hence lowering your expenses and opening up entirely new horizons for your business purchases and payments from any country in the world. 

DeFi also gives you access to tools such as borrowing, lending and gaining passive income on tokens which are staked or used for adding liquidity. Tokens are used for currency, rewards points, debt slips, interest accruing bonds, and much more. 

We are here to introduce you to the future of financing, and in case you are already seasoned in the ever growing crypto community, enhance your knowledge and help you grow your skills and knowledge. 

Apart of taking care of your passive income, CryptoTT has agents spread all over the world that are willing to provide you with group courses, entirely depending on your level of knowledge – even if you have never owner crypto before or have been in the industry for years, there is always more to learn. 

We have many other pro tips for you and also a couple of upcoming courses. Each course is limited to up to 8 people, so make sure you get in on it early. 

Group Courses and Lessons at CryptoTT

The first course is called Introduction to Crypto – Accumulation, trading and taking profits. It will be held on the 4th of August. 10:00AM TT time and will last for 2 hours. The entry fee is 0.5ETH. There will be a free QnA session open to everyone that wants to join us on our CryptoTT Facebook page at 12:30PM TT. 

We will also be doing 2 Introductions to Decentralised Financing courses, due to the huge interest. We will cover how to purchase tokens, and also the borrowing and lending abilities of DeFi. This basically means that you can earn interest on your tokens, add them as liquidity, use them as collateral for a loan or lend them for a good stable return. 

If you still don’t have a crypto portfolio, just know that you’re missing out on earning from the comfort of your home. And right now, that’s the best gig you can find. 

Show us what you know

If you have a favourite coin or token, post it in the comments section, on our Facebook page,  with a good explanation of why you have chosen it and the research you have done and you can win a free entry to both courses. We will be asking a question every day to find the best Crypto Knowladgeholders in TT and you will have a chance to become part of the team. 

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